Sunday, January 08, 2012

Chatbots 3.2 Conference - Philadelphia March 31, 2012

This year marks the third annual Chatbots 3.x conference to be held in Philadelphia on March 31, 2012.
Building upon the success of Chatbots 3.0 and 3.1 and our earlier Colloquia on Conversational Systems,
the Chatbots 3.2 conference brings together leaders in the chatbot field.  Our speakers will present
on a variety of topics in technology, law, business and research.

The Chatbots 3.x conference has become the premier conference for chatbots, virtual assitants, and artificial intelligence avatars.  This year promises to be an exciting year because of all the developments in mobile apps.  Following the successful launch of Apple Siri in 2011, a number of projects are underway to develop alternative mobile A.I. assistants.  Several of the presentations will describe these latest developments in mobile chatbot technology.

Our co-host Francis Taney Esq. will once again give an "Ask the Lawyer" presentation.  Those interested in
submitting their questions are welcome to contact us ( in advance, and we will forward them to Mr. Taney.   This is a great opportunity to ask questions about business law, intellectual property issues, and the State, U.S. and International laws and regulations that affect the chatbot industry.

As in previous years, the conference presentations will be videotaped and distributed on our Aimlinstructor Youtube channel.

There will be an all-conference dinner on Saturday night in Philadelphia.

Register before March 1 and take advtage of Early Registration for $100.

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