Monday, October 06, 2008

InfraDrive to sponsor Chatterbox Challenge 2009

Ehab El-agizy, founder of InfraDrive and developer of the RoboMatic X1 chatbot, has announced that InfraDrive will sponsor the Chatterbox Challenge (CBC) in 2009. Founded by Wendell Cowart in 2001, the Chatterbox Challenge is a performance test for chat bots. Unlike the popular Loebner Prize Contest, the bots compete online in the CBC. Also unlike the Loebner contest, the CBC has awarded prizes for bot performance in multiple categories. ALICE has won awards in several categories of the CBC including Top 10 (2001-2008), Most Popular (2004, 2006), Best Character/Personality (2005), Most Knowledgable (2004), and overall Contest Winner (2004).

Ehab is currently collecting a database of bots and botmasters who want to participate in the 2009 contest. You can post your entry to

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