Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Second Life Pandora Updates

Thanks to some members of the Pandorabots community, we have some news about Pandorabots in Second Life.

Destiny Niles found these Pandorabots in SL:

Marcus L. Endicott revised our earlier Second Life Round-Up

He said he could not find any Metaversetech or Navillus Batra products at what appears to be now, and seems to have
gone underground.

A search of for "pandorabots" did reveal three further resources:

Pandorabot Client Kit v1.4.0: (CGe) ChatBOT: Eliza Doolittle Chatbot:

Marcus is trying to keep an informal resource list at:

You can often find Second Life bots on the Pandorabots Most Popular
list. Try asking the bots, "Where are you?" to see if you get a response
indicating that they are in Second Life.

$3000 Prize for Loebner 2008

The Loebner Prize cash award for winning the annual bronze medal in 2008 will be $3000, with no "consolation" awards of $250.

Prize sponsor Hugh Loebner said he
added the $250 awards to defray travel costs when he added the
requirement that finalists be present at the competition.
Finalists will NOT have to present for the
2008 competition, so he added the money to sweeten the pot.

Another concern, Loebner said, was the plunge of the U.S. dollar.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Pandorabots bug fix

Pandorabots fixed a long standing bug in their system. Log in to Pandorabots and select one of your bots. For example, if you have a bot named ALICE, choose ALICE from the list of My Pandorabots. Then navigate to the AIML section. You now see a web page called ALICE >> AIML files. Pandorabots organizes the AIML files in a table. The second column is called Categories. Previously, the data in the Categories column was all zero. The bug fixed, Pandorabots now correctly displays the number of AIML categories in each file.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Loebner Prize 2008 Announcement

Dr. Hugh Loebner and Professor Kevin Warwick have announced that the 18th annual Loebner Prize Competition, Loebner Prize 2008, will be held on Oct. 12, 2008 at the University of Reading, Reading, UK.

Professor Warwick will be directing the contest, and all questions regarding the contest, including rules, communications protocols, and judging procedures should be directed to
Professor Warwick at

Kevin Warwick is Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, UK,

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AIML and the Semantic Web

Several people have asked about the relationship between OWL, RDF and AIML.
We came across this paper by Eric Freese, Enhancing AIML Bots using Semantic Web Technologies,
The relevant idea being you do your OWL-DL logic in RDF and then convert the resulting RDF Graph to AIML when you're done. From the abstract:

This paper discusses a methodology and provides examples of the conversion of RDF triples to AIML topics and categories which can then be used within an AIML-based bot. The statements representing the domain knowledge can then be used in a conversation handled by the responder. The combination of these two technologies allows the knowledge represented within the RDF to be accessed interactively using natural language by a human user.

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