Monday, October 29, 2007

Gir new #1 Pandorabot

Perl programmer Chris Prather created Gir, a new Pandorabot based on the free AAA AIML Set, and put it on a couple of IRC channels. The Gir brain, which combines the AAA set with Chris' own custom AIML, provides natural language responses for two of Chris' bots, Bender and Pip. Due to intense IRC traffic, the Gir bot reached the #1 spot on the Pandorabots Most Popular list.

Chris Prather's long-term project is a bot named Bender.
Chris developed his own Net::AIML package for Perl, which makes a connection to Pandorabots. In one incarnation Gir provides fallback conversational abilities for Bender. Gir is also the brains behind his more recent bot Pip, which uses Net::AIML and Acme::LOLCAT, LOLCAT transforms English sentences into amusing, idiosyncratic, bad English. For more information on LOLCAT see Wikipedia

Bender and Pip sit on about a dozen channels on three IRC networks (#swhack on freenode, several channels on, and two channels on a private IRC server). The IRC traffic through Net::AIML is driving Gir to the #1 spot on Pandorabots.

Chris says, "Piping the AIML response through LOLCAT made for a more believable character as the naive responses that the bot would make were easily attributed to the 'ethos' of the LOLCAT character."

Friday, October 26, 2007

Here Comes Santa Bot

The A. I. Foundation has created a special Santa Claus bot for the holidays. The Santa bot is based on the Superbot and has a totally unique, new personality tailored to old Saint Nick. The bot brain has no overlap with the A.L.I.C.E. bot. Santa is totally kid-safe and fun for the whole family. For now Santa is free. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Have a chat with Santa at

Our Santa bot uses an Oddcast/Sitepal avatar with text-to-speech.

Santa bot is still learning. The more you chat with him, the smarter he will become.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Plans for Loebner Prize 2008

Hugh Loebner has announced that the Loebner Prize 2008 will almost certainly be held at University of Reading, Reading, England on Oct 12. in conjunction with a computer conference to be held there at the same time. The announcement is still unofficial because he does not speak for U of Reading. Professor Kevin Warwick is working with Huma Shah on this, and Loebner says he will be making an announcement soon.

There are a few details which have yet to be decided. Loebner has asked for public comment.

1. Must the contestants be on site during the contest?

2. Dates for applications, selection, etc. If the contestants do not need to be on site, then it is possible that the selection process for the finals can be part of the conference, perhaps the day before the contest.

3. Whether the Loebner Prize Protocol used in the 2006 and 2007 contests will be required in 2008.

The official announcement for the 2008 competition with rules, will be made no later than Nov 15, 2007.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Human nurses can have peace of mind. Their jobs are secure, but Santa's little helper has come to the rescue to do most of the boring nursing tasks for them.
Robot-Nurse helps nurses in hospitals. Her body is developed by Samsung and her brain by The Nursing school and the psychology departments of the University of Auckland are creating her nurse knowledge base. She has (camera) face recognition, (microphone) voice recognition, arms and hands. She talks (speaker) with the Patients, Doctors and Nurses in 8 human languages.

Her brain will be centrally controlled by several global server clusters. She will guard the wards at night and attend the patients; therefore human nurses can sleep with peace of mind. She can do logical reasoning and delivers doctor's prescribed drugs for patients and remind them about their daily exercise routine.

She also stands there and pushes them (verbally) to do their exercise and acts as a couch and builds their enthusiasm.

Version one can not change the bedpans, she is too small for that task, but a few years later (next version) she will be able to do more physical activities, but actually the present version does not have biological growth mechanisms like us.

Another one of her responsibilities is talking with those patients who do not have any visitor to keep their company, tell them some jokes or just carry the conversation to make them happy. Therefore they will not feel lonely. Decades of efforts and work of Dr. Wallace and all scientists and programmers who contributed to the Alice project is used in her natural language processing unit, among many other developed algorithms and sub-systems. For more information, visit

Sunday, October 21, 2007

UltraHal wins 2007 Loebner Prize

Hugh Loebner announced the results of the 2007 competition today. He said transcripts are not yet available, but he will post them eventually.

Winner - Robert Medeksza
2nd Noah Duncan
3rd Rollo Carpenter

Congratulations to Robert Medeksza! He certainly deserves it. He's been working on AI bots as long as any of us. For anyone who doesn't know, Robert is the creator of the famous UltraHal bot at

We would like to welcome Robert to the pool of Loebner Prize winners.

Update: Vladimir Veselov has posted photos from the events at:

2nd Update: Hugh Loebner has posted the contest transcripts and names of the judges at:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pandorabots served 500,000,000th response, a free web based AIML chat hosting service launched in 2002, served its 500,000,000th (half a billionth) response in October. The
service has 106,000 botmasters signed up and 129,000 bots defined. There have also been some recent hardware and software upgrades to Pandorabots that have increased the performace significantly, making it one of the easiest to use sites for chat bot customization.

Saturday, October 13, 2007 server down

Due to a schedule electric power maintenance in our building, the server hosting is shut down today, Saturday October 13, and tomorrow, Sunday October 14. The time zone is US/Pacific. should be back up and running Monday morning.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Blog

I created a long-overdue blog version of the ALICE A. I. Foundation News. I am just getting started with blogging and welcome your suggestions and feedback. The Alicebot blog is an aggregator of news stories, press releases, and announcements related to ALICE and AIML free software technology. You can check it out at

New Release of Charlix Desktop Assistant

Charles Chevallier has announced that Charlix is back with a new release. Charlix is a desktop assistant. He is based in AIML from the implementation of Dr. Richard S. Wallace's A.L.I.C.E. system.

Following an old suggestion from Mehri (RebeccaAIML developer he added many scripts for new Linux users to install Java, Acrobat reader, torrent clients, plugins for Firefox, file sharing software, USB gamepads, Microsoft fonts, drivers for MP3 and DVD, MIDI capabilities, Skype, and plenty of software for Debian distributions. It can turn DMA on or turn numlock on. It includes warnings on security and legal issues.

He also included math.aiml that KnyteTrypper posted on this list, which he modified for Linux shell commands. Charles gives credit to the late KnyteTrypper because his forum helped him a lot to produce his pandorabot demo.

He also added misspelled.aiml and repetition.aiml based on Wikipedia's list of most common repetitions and mistakes.

Download Charlix free at

Version 0.98 of RebeccaAIML released

Frank Mehri Hassanbad (mehri) has released the latest major version of RebeccaAIML, codenamed Slatter. Version 1.1tp1 was released in August, followed shortly thereafter by 1.1tp2 and 1.1tp3 in September. RebeccaAIML is an enterprise cross platform open source AIML development platform. RebeccaAIML supports C++, Java, C#, and Python as well as many other programming languages and AIML development out of the box. RebeccaAIML also comes with an array of AIML administration tools, great documentation, and an eclipse AIML editor plugin.

Check out the main page:
Check out the user guide for plenty of screen shots of this tech release and instructions on upgrading:
And finally, download it and give it a try:

Some of the new features in the Slatter release include:

  • A windows installer
  • An Eclipse plugin for using Eclipse as an AIML editor
  • Support for a multitude of programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, and Python
  • Excellent, fully documented, and easy to use APIs for various programming languages
  • Safe multi-process and multi-thread access to AIML
  • Scalability. RebeccaAIML can support an infinite number of users, bots, and, end users as long as you have hard drive space for more.
  • Fast start times.
  • Better foreign character support.

A. I. Foundation God bot

The A. I. Foundation has released its own version of the highly successful AIML God bot originally created by Nicolas Roy. The God bot started as a clone of ALICE running on Pandorabots. Nicolas added some very nice Flash animation on the front-end. The God bot is consistently one of the most popular bots on Pandorabots. Intended to be humorous and fun, the God bot is not affiliated with any religion.

Click here to chat with the God bot.

German AIML Update

Christian Drossmann, the author of German.aiml, has re-emerged on our mailing list and brought us up to date on his life. He says he has been lurking on the Alicebot mailing lists for some time. Christian says that his address has fallen into disuse some time ago due to excessive spamming. His requests that we contact him through his website via mail at drossmann dot de.

Furthermore, because he continues receive email about Alice, Christian decided to put up a page again with some info in German. There are a lot of bots out there, including bots for messageboards etc. that are based on the old German.aiml. The new side for German AIML is Christian says, "Maybe there *will* be an updated version...who knows? Sometimes I miss the coding ;-)"

What is the currency of...

Steve Worswick (Square Bear - has written an AIML file that will educate your bot in the different currencies of the world. He wants to share it with all AIML botmasters:

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